Bob Vinson

Kathleen M. McEnteeeBob Vinson wrote The Art of Leadership and The Art of Motivation modules.

Bob has over thirty years' experience working with businesses of all sizes, from very small to Fortune 50, across many industries to institute and manage corporate growth. He has helped clients identify and address issues in financing; strategic direction; marketing and sales; organizational development; performance management, leadership, and motivation; process and unit performance optimization; business model definition, and implementation; business process design, and personal leadership, achievement, and management. Clients have included legal firms, retail banks, residential homebuilders, discrete manufacturers, software developers, state and local government agencies, wholesaler/distributors, technology commercialization companies, logistics companies, and secondary educational institutions.

Bob is an international Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business, former Chairman of the Texas Business Group, and chair of the Management Track of the International Independent Business University. He carries FINRA Series 79, Investment Banking Representative and FINRA Series 63 Uniform Securities Agent Law certifications. He was an associate of the Claremont Graduate Universities Research Institute and has created and taught courses in management; project management, technology, and marketing in three different accredited graduate business programs. Bob was a founding member of the international IIB Executive Coaching Programme. He has an MBA with honors from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management.

He is Managing Partner and owner of Vinson & Vinson, LLC, a consulting group specializing in planning, executing, and managing growth strategies for lower mid-cap and public enterprises and is Managing Partner of the Capital Advisory Group, a mid-market securities placement firm.

Bob spent over twenty years with Unisys Corporation. His responsibilities included sales, technical sales, marketing, marketing management, product management, customer support management and product support management. He was manager of a consulting and advisory practice providing systems integration and technology management advisory services to state and local government agencies.

He has worked in the past with startup businesses in software, medical devices, professional services, healthcare, financial services, and technology.

As an educator, Bob has created and taught graduate level courses in several disciplines for three accredited institutions.

Bob is an internationally published author having written and published papers on business growth, marketing and management, and on corporate governance.

  • "Marketing for Small Business" White Paper Series,
    Institute of Independent Business, 2005

  • "Understanding Competition and Competitive Action"
    White Paper Series, Institute of Independent Business, 2007

  • "What Can a Board Really Contribute"
    Independent Business Today, 2008

  • "Dead Reckoning: A business growth planning and management method", 2013

  • "Why Crowdfunding Will Happen: The genie is out of the bottle", 2013

  • "The Growth Imperative: Considering a more productive view of Business Growth", 2013

  • "Self Examination: Thinking about your company's growth drivers", 2014

Recent Projects:

Medium-sized County Government

A major county government within a Southeastern state was experiencing significant loss of tax revenue primarily due to annexation of sizeable former county areas into one or two major cities within the County. At the same time, they incurred sizeable growth of County expenses due to increases in County population and the need for increased service levels from all agencies within the County. Vinson & Vinson proposed and implemented a County-wide performance audit covering most agencies. We found among other factors that County assets were not being utilized to their maximum, County administrative structure and practices were inefficient and obsolete, funds allocations were not well justified and controlled, workers were hindered by sub-standard working facilities and practices, strategic planning was neglected, and there was no provision for administrator education and training.

Vinson & Vinson put forth 19 major recommendations which specified needed changes in management practices, operational practices, technology and information usage, employee training and education, the long-term implementation of Strategic Management Practices and the immediate implementation of the International City-County Management Association (ICMA) Practices for Effective Local Government Management.

Legal Practice
A medium-sized personal injury legal practice was declining in revenue, cultural integrity, product quality, and client responsiveness to the point that the owners were concerned about its ability to continue in business. Vinson & Vinson engaged with the two principals to set forth a cultural change program which would bring together the existing diverse cultures within the firm and provide rewards systems that would encourage a uniform set of objectives for all employees. We also began the implementation of a more efficient and effective case management process and budgeting to more closely control case costs and quality result delivery.

Start-up Health Insurance Company
A startup cooperative health insurance company engaged Vinson & Vinson to help in the creation of an overall strategic plan and organization design. In addition we began the design of a computerized case management system to more effectively manage client service provision, premium tracking and associated service level management, and client acquisition.

Residential Builder
Vinson & Vinson engaged with a regional residential builder to map out existing construction management processes and suggest improvements which would help to reduce the instances of speculative building.