The International Independent Business University (IIBU), provides academic content focused on practical training in the key areas of concern to Small Business owners and advisors. The IIBU - Business Arts Certificate Program (BACP) is designed for Business Owners and/or Advisors who want to learn new skills to grow their businesses or support their clients. There are 63 modules written by IIB Associates who have both the academic and consulting credentials in their specific business area. We have designated these IIBU content contributors as "Modulators". They are listed on this web site. These modules are organized into 7 key skill areas:

Modules can be taken individually. When 4 modules are successfully completed within a specific skill area the student will earn a Business Arts Certificate. There is no limit as to the number of Business Arts Certificates that can be earned. We hope you find this new offering engaging and interesting. A complete Catalog of Modules and Enrollment Information, is available here.

Our Featured Modulators

As part of spotlighting our modulators who have created and teach various courses for IIBU, our featured modulators spotlight the unique experience they bring for the students of IIBU.